Hella Comet & Swedenborg Raum 13.09. @Gustaf

I’ll be back in town for some days, for arranging this concert and probably a food not bombs dinner on the 16.09. ;-)FB-Event


Hella Comet


Dense walls of guitar sounds and the ethereal vocals of bass player Lea Sonnek – the comparison with Sonic Youth suggests itself, shoegaze elements are also undeniable. But this doesn’t quite describe it all: the music of the Graz-based quartet also draws inspiration from various post-rock acts of the 1990s, as can be deduced from song lengths beyond seven minutes and cunning drum beats. For years, Hella Comet have been developing their very own language, before their debut album “Celebrate Your Loss” was released in 2010 on Pumpkin Records, followed by a 10″ on Noise Appeal Records in 2011. In October this year they releasing a new full length LP.
(also compareable to our local heroes Coma Stereo, but with a female vocalist)

Swedenborg Raum

+ LIVE PAINTING PERFORMANCE by Petro Steigolino http://swedenborgraum.bandcamp.com/

Formed in Summer 2011 in Halle/Leipzig. The members are Axel W. (Drums), Benjamin B. (Bass) and Florian C. (Guitar) also known as Xeming. Their music is influenced by Psychedelic Rock, Metal, Doom, Stoner, Space Rock, Prog, Jazz and Blues.
The name relates to the series “Riget” by Lars von Trier. The “Swedenborg Raum” was described by a swedish philosopher named Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 – 1772), as a space between this world and the afterworld.

arranged by:
AGD Gustaf-Crew & Super Maribros

Last time Swedenborg Raum played in Gustaf in January (Radioo MArš artist potrait of guitarplayer Xeming and some infos about the Band: http://www.mixcloud.com/rdecimars/plakatiranje-prepovedano-912013-y-and-swedenborg-raum-artist-portrait-of-xeming/ )
But without Petro, he wasn’t allowed to leave the country, as the tram-company of Leipzig pressed charges against him for not buying/paying a ticket, public-transport should be for free… We’re happy to welcome him this time! )

13.03 19:00 Radioshow with Gregor from Berlin; Alternative ways of travelling and concert Preview for Coma Stereo and Fjodor

Plakatiranje prepovedanoI have a guest again, Gregor from Berlin is couchsurfing in my flatshare, he’s doing interviews about the protests and alternative projects in Maribor and Ljubljana, but we’ll mainly talk about alternative ways of travelling. I will show some music of songwriters who booked their tour through couchsurfing. You’ll also hear some songs of Coma Stereo and Fjodor to warmup for my farewell concert this Friday in Gustaf/Pekarna.

Don’t miss it! Wednesday 13.03.19:00 on Radio MARŠ!

Concert Workshop 15.03. 15:00h

Workshop poster

Are you interested in:

  • alternative music?

  • arranging your own concerts?

  • cultural events?

  • teamwork?

  • promotion?

  • cooking?


In this case you are invited to join a Workshop in Gustaf/Pekarna on Monday 18th of March!

I will have the last day of my Internship in AGD Gustaf. After arranging concerts as a part of a students team in Bremen for two years and as an independent concert producer in Halle for two years aswell.. The past six months I’ve spent in Gustaf hall in Maribor where I’ve worked on a lot of concerts and organized eight events on my own.

I would like to leave a trail in Maribor by sharing my knowledge with you. For 4 hours I will explain the basics of how to arrange a DIY(do it yourself)-concert taking Gustaf as an example.

You will get basic information about:
– How to find Bands to book
– How to deal with the technical equipment of bands
– Technical- and hospitality Riders
– Calculation/Finances
– How to do lights in Gustaf
– How to create a flyer
– How to cook vegan/vegetarian food for a larger group of people (in cooperation with Hana from “Food Not Bombs”)

The Workshop is a cooperation between AGD Gustaf and Evropska prestolnica mladih Maribor (EPM 2013), it will be in english and completly for free. You have the chance to meet new people, who share your interests and maybe join a small concert booking-team. You’ll also get a free meal at the end (Chili con Soja ;-) which we’ll prepare together and you will get a certificate for attending.

The number of participants is limited, so you have to do a reservation in advance, plz send an e-mail to oeshel@gmx.de for that (In case there is still space, this is possible until sunday 17th).


Looking Forward to see you there
Lep Pozdrav



Student/Intern/Volunteer in Dvorana Gustaf (Ob železnici 16) http://www.pekarna.org/

Skupina Samson, Koza-Riba & Didiwa + Aftershow @Živa Dvorišča / Orožnova 7

Poster Samson, didiwa & koza-riba small
Running order:
1. Koza Riba (Ljubljana)
2. Skupina Samson (Maribor)
3. Didiwa (Ljubljana)
Aftershow DJ-set: Electro-Swing with drifts to anything

Koza Riba:
Koza-Riba združuje goro in morsko globino, nasprotje zraščenih, torej nerazločljivih živalskih okolij. V naši glasbi se to čuti v izraziti dinamiki ter združevanju dveh svetov. Na eni strani ritmična zemlja, ki se izraža v kitarskih elementih in bobnarskih ritmih črpanih, iz različnih celin in na drugi zasanjane globine morja, ki preplavljajo vokalni del glasbe. Koza-Riba prestopa med intimnimi svetovi in jih odpira za poslušalce.

Skupina Samson:
Skupina Samson je nastala leta 2008, ko so se fantje odločili, da popestrijo sivi vsakdan mariborskih ulic s prepevanjem slovenskih ljudskih pesmi. V slabem letu in pol je za njimi že vrsto nastopov na raznih prireditvah in komemoracijah tako doma kot v tujini. Svoj prvi uradni nastop so fantje dočakali ob dnevu generala Rudolfa Maistra oktobra 2008 v Zavrhu, kjer jih je pozitivno ocenil tudi znani slovenski skladatelj Radovan Gobec. Nastopili so na lenarškem občinskem prazniku, potem pa dvakrat v mariborski Unionski dvorani; najprej decembra 2008 za rojstni dan vsestranskega umetnika Zdravka Kokanoviča, potem pa še maja 2009, kot gostje na letnem koncertu APZ Maribor, kjer so skupaj z ljubljanskim oktetom popestrili prireditev. Med drugim so koncertirali tudi v sklopu Festivala Lent 2009 julija v Galeriji splavarski, potem pa so tam gostovali še za Martinovo skupaj z znano skupino Terrafolk. Svoj zadnji nastop so imeli februarja 2010 kot gostje Srednješolske gledališke skupine IKOM v njihovi izvedbi Partljičeve Partnerske poroke. ..

A 5 pieced Band, formed last year in Ljubljana playing a colourfoul mix of Jazz, blues, Etno and other.

26.02. Schnaak, Ludovik Material & Heifetz

Plakatiranje prepovedano Schnaak

19:00-20:00 Radio WarmUp on Radio Marš: 95,9MHz or listen online

20:00 Doors
21:00 Heifetz (experimental hardcore from Graz)
22:15 Ludovik Material (Electro-Punk from Ljubljana)
23:30 Schnaak (Afrobeat-Jazzcore from Berlin)


Two tip-toe sounds from afar in the dark, where everything springs to life, into light and day… whilst smashing buckets, beeping mouths.
After several excursions through Europe, USA and Africa Berlin-duo SchnAAk has lived up and loves weird hip-hop beats, parallel comic-art universes and stylish African rhythms, though still working deep down in a factory of cosmic noise.

Ludovik Material:

Matija Dolenc – computer, guitar
Jernej Koren – drums
Tina Perić – vocal, tambourine
Ludovik Material is a 3-pieced electro-punk band which was formed in May 2011. The band joins the Prekmurje-Ljubljana area and consists of an ex-trance producer, a drummer wannabe bass player, and a female singer who wants to play guitar. The first acknowledgement of the band was given by adding it to the Klubski Maraton (KM) tour list, produced by Radio Student, Ljubljana in 2011. The KM Slovenian tour strengthened the band’s live performance and polished the sound. A demo record with 4 songs was released soon after the tour. In February 2012 the Ludoviks recorded their full-length debut album Passion for Red which has been released on 18th May by KAPA Records. Before the official release the band went on first European tour (Austria, Czech Rep., Germany) with It’s Everyone Else.


Heifetz is an experimental Hardcore Duo from Graz/Austria, formed in 2005. They are connecting controvers styles of music in their songs. This proclivity for contradictory aesthetics is also visualized in on their cd-covers and shirts or on their centerpiece of merchandise: A can of catfood. At the moment Heifetz are working on their new album, it’s a lot of work and called “viel Arbeit”, we’re curious!


4€ OR dice it, just roll this die: 1=1€, 2=2€, 3=3€, 4=4€, 5=5€, 6=(6€+mulled wine or tea)

Every guest gets a coupon for a free coffee @